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Not only are our harpists professional musicians, they also perform and provide therapeutic harp music. They all work in multiple healthcare locations for the Therapeutic Harp Foundation including hospitals, hospices, and various school programs throughout the greater Phoenix area.

The Therapeutic Harp Foundation provides live therapeutic harp music by harpists or musicians who are at the top of their profession.



The Therapeutic Harp Foundation requires Harpists to be certified by an accredited program from the National Standards Board of Therapeutic Musicians (NSBTM).  There are currently four accredited programs that award the following titles:

Music for Healing and Transition-Certified Music Practitioner (CMP)
Clinical Musician Certification Program Harps for Healing, LLC-Certified Clinical Musician (CCM)
International Harp Therapy Program-Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner-(CTHP)
Bedside Harp-Certified Harp Therapist (CHT) and Certified Master Harp Therapist (CMHT)

These programs, on a average, incorporate two years of curriculum study, 80-130 hours of playing time with at least 45 hours of direct bedside playing which is the minimum standard of the NSBTM, coaching by a mentor certified in therapeutic music, critical aspects of listening, observation, awareness, adaptation of music to meet the patient’s individual needs, high technical skill, cultural studies, medical/clinical terms, and healthcare etiquette. After a final musical example and exam, certification is granted. Continuing Education Units are required to maintain certification. Please visit the NSBTM website at for more information.

Participate in Harp Lessons

Please call the office for interest in Harp Lessons. The Program Director will assist you in finding a teacher in your area as well as a place to rent or purchase your harp.
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