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Joyce Blair Buekers

Get to Know Our Founder

Reverend Joyce Blair Buekers graduated from the Claremont School of Theology and was ordained in Phoenix at the Church of the Beatitudes, United Church of Christ. 

After 15 years in a marketing position for IBM Corporation, she began a second career in healthcare ministry, as the Executive Director for Therapeutic Harp Foundation, due to her prior experience as an Integrative Therapies Coordinator and as Chaplain and Pastoral Counselor with Hospice of the Valley (HOV). 

Her current work in therapeutic harp ministry encompasses the Therapeutic Harp Foundation’s mission, whose name was updated in 2015 to better reflect its mission. 

She provides therapeutic harp music to enhance the quality of life and transition for terminally ill hospice patients through a focus on the expressive and spiritual aspects of music, vibration, and comfort. Joyce also uses prayer, therapeutic touch, and aromatherapy as a part of her practice.

Joyce founded the therapeutic harp program, Harps to Heart at Hospice of the Valley, which expanded throughout the Valley and the entire state as the Harp Consortium (HC). After that, the organization became The Harp Foundation and in 2015 the name was changed to the Therapeutic Harp Foundation (THF). Joyce now serves on the THF Board of Directors as the Founding Director of a non-profit public charity. Through her work, Joyce strives to enhance the quality of life of patients and their families by providing live therapeutic harp music. THF currently serves 22 institutions and engages 7 therapeutic harpists in the Valley.

The model of living medicine and Joyce's passion for holistic medicine is to enhance life itself.

As a visionary, Joyce embraces holistic healthcare, and her approach is kind and comforting. Joyce shares her vision with her longtime mentor, Dr. Gladys McGary.

“As we communicate love and healing to our body, we strengthen the stem cells which keep our immune system active and functional and perhaps facilitate the communication of good bacteria which could keep us healthy. If on the other hand, we live in fear, I believe that what we do is give pathological bacteria a direct line to other bacteria which can enhance their activity and pathology evolution. However, the concept of living medicine is that life itself is the great healer and life itself is the great communicator.” - Dr. Gladys McGary

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